Orientation Winter 2023

At the start of each semester, Ace Acumen holds an orientation session for new students. Post pandemic, we are now welcoming students in person to each of our campuses. This year new students were invited to drop in and visit booths to meet staff from various departments in person, and ask them questions directly, to set themselves up for success. Students were invited to participate in a passport program and collect stamps once they visited each booth. At the end of the orientation the students could submit the completed passport for a chance to win a pair of Apple Airpods. We had a great turnout, and it was great to see everyone interacting. We wish all the best to our new incoming students this semester!


St. Clair College Holds First Toronto Convocation Sessions

On Wednesday October 19th, St. Clair College held its first “in person” convocation sessions in Toronto celebrating the graduates of the campuses of Ace Acumen Academy.

President France, members of the Board of Governors, College administration joined Ace Acumen Academy Principal John Wu along with his administration and faculty for three convocation sessions that was held at the Meridian Arts Centre in North York.

There were over 1,000 graduates who crossed the stage in the same convocation format which the College followed in the fall Windsor and Chatham graduations during the week of October 3rd.

Since 2015, the graduates of the Ace Acumen Academy would travel by bus and car to cross the stage with other St. Clair College students in both Windsor and Chatham for fall and spring convocations.  The students, their families and friends certainly welcomed the opportunity to enjoy their graduations at a Toronto facility.


A Message from President Patti France

Hello, Saints:

For the past week-and-a-half, flags at our campuses have been flying at half-mast as a symbol of honour and mourning for Queen Elizabeth the Second, who died on September 8th…at the age of 96…and after 70 years as the monarch of the United Kingdom and the head of the British Commonwealth.

On this, the day of her funeral, I think it is fitting to reflect upon this remarkable woman’s life…and, perhaps, to reflect upon our own capacity to replicate her most admirable trait: namely, her sense of duty to her community.

Even critics of the monarchy system have been uniformly complimentary about Elizabeth’s seven decades of selfless service to the people of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth.

From the time the crown was thrust upon her due to the death of her father at a very early age, to her own passing at an advanced age, she was the most diligent, steadfast, dependable representative of the British parliamentary system of government…and the modern-day symbol of English culture and civilization.

She exhibited that sense of duty…indeed, a rare degree of dedication…to her role for seventy years. Seventy years.

By saying this, I’m certainly not suggesting that our students should strive to stay at their first, post-graduation places of employment for seven decades.

But I am suggesting that the sense of duty, of responsibility, of the need to be a positive contributor to one’s community…all of those are admirable Elizabethan traits that we would all do well to emulate throughout our professional, personal and social lives.

Thank you,
Patricia France, M.Ad.Ed., LLD.h.c.


Alumni Celebration (August 29, 2022)

Ace Acumen celebrated the 2022 Alumni Celebration at the Apollo Convention Centre on Monday August 29th. Faculty, staff and students came together and shared their success stories, inspiring guests in their pursuit of their education dreams. Senior administration were delighted to speak to the group about the benefits former students receive as Alumni of Ace Acumen Academy and St.Clair College.  Additionally, the Student Representative Council ensured fun was had by all – hosting some amazing games and handing out some great gifts to the students. Overall the night was a great success and we look forward to seeing all our Alumni at future events.


Toronto Community Clean Up

On Friday June 24th, a group of amazing Ace Acumen students joined together with their advisors to help clean up the neighborhood around the Toronto Campus. The third Toronto Community Clean Up was a massive success! It was so nice to see so many students and staff come together to help clean up planet earth and our wonderful campus. Our students from the Business, IBM, HRM and OAH program all met at the 1440 Don Mills Campus and picked up garbage all down Kern Road and Don Mills Road. Over 10 full bags of garbage were collected. The students enjoyed a cold drink and a snack afterwards to spend time with staff, and celebrate their efforts. Thank you to everyone who came out to help with this amazing event. 
Want to join the next community clean up? Keep an eye on your email and on our Instagram for more information!

55th Annual Convocation Ceremony

On Monday June 6th, St. Clair hosted its 55th Annual Convocation for the graduating students from Ace Acumen. Students travelled from the GTA to Windsor to have the opportunity to walk across the stage, and receive their diploma from St. Clair President, Patti France. It has truly been an honor to watch all of these students grow throughout their time at Acumen. You should all be proud of the achievements that you have made. Our graduate students were from the Business, International Business Management, Human Resources Management, Data Analytics, Computer Networking, Social Service Worker, and the Office Health Administration Programs. Some members of our management team were happy to be there to celebrate the great achievements of our students. Acumen wishes you luck in your future endeavors, and we know that you are all off to do great things. 


Study Skills Workshop

Hello Saints,

As a student, you will inevitably be faced with tests and exams. It is important to be able to utilize study skills and strategies that have been proven to lead to success.

Ace Acumen Academy wishes to provide students with all of the skills and strategies needed for success. A study skills workshop was hosted by Advisor Amanda prior to the 2022 Winter Semester final exams. Here you will find a recording of that workshop and can review important topics such as time management, creating study notes, answering questions confidently and what you should do after your test.

Good luck on your exams Saints (but you don’t even need luck)!


Nutrition Workshop

On Thursday, March 10th, 2022, students celebrated nutrition month by enjoying fruit cups and attending a workshop on the basics of healthy eating. The event helped students to gain information on how they can support their learning at Ace Acumen Academy through nutrition.

When it comes to eating healthily it can be confusing to know where to start. This workshop explains how you can make simple but effective changes to improve your diet, and most importantly your health. Advisors Steven and Amanda explore tips from the Canada Food Guide, and offer some strategies to make healthy eating both accessible and enjoyable!

To those that did not get the chance to join the workshop, you can view the recording below!

 To watch a helpful video from the Canada Food Guide click here:

For more information visit the Canada Food Guide:


Winter 2022 – Last Day to Withdraw Extended

St. Clair College at Ace Acumen has extended the last day to withdraw from the Winter 2022 semester by an additional 2 weeks. The new last day to withdraw & be eligible for a refund is Friday, February 11, 2022. Students who choose to withdraw from their program or change their study status from full-time to part-time prior to February 11, 2022, may be eligible for a refund, less applicable administrative fees. No exceptions will be made past this date.