What is Classroom Cloud ?

Classroom.cloud is a product offered by NetSupport School. It ensures a teacher can easily monitor student screens, the applications they are using, the websites they are visiting, what they are typing and who they are collaborating with. 

View student screens in real time (Monitor mode)

  • Monitor the entire class in a single view with adjustable thumbnail sizes.  
  • Overlay additional information, including active application or active website.  
  • Zoom in on a selected student for an optimized high-definition thumbnail.  

Application and internet monitoring

  • Monitor all students’ application use.  
  • Monitor all students’ internet use.  
  • View both foreground and background applications and websites. 
  • Allow only approved applications or websites to be used or simply prevent restricted ones from being opened. 

Student Resources

System's requirements for students


  • 64-bit current generation Intel i5 or i7 (preferred) or AMD equivalent. 
  • 8 GB (16 GB of RAM Preferred) 
  • 1 TB hard drive 
  • Ethernet Network Card 
  • Wireless Network Card 
  • One USB 3.0 port (two preferred) 
  • 3 Yr. comprehensive parts and labour (Recommended) 


  • Windows 10 Professional Edition or newer 

Privacy Policies and Student's Policies


The following statement is on the Student Terms of Use when using classroom.cloud. Students must agree to the terms before being able to proceed. This information is being included on this page for faculty awareness as well. 

"St. Clair College @ Ace Acumen Academy has an institutional license to use Classroom.cloud as a remote proctoring tool to support the administration of electronic examinations and assessments. Classroom.cloud is a cloud-based service and software that captures video, audio, and other data during student assessment sessions for use in monitoring students. This data is accessible to, and may be used by, authorized individuals at the college to administer student assessments and manage the academic integrity of such assessments. The Student Terms of Use for Classroom.cloud must be agreed to by users (e.g. students) prior to each use of the Classroom.cloud, available at classroom.cloud - Terms of Service

By accessing and using classroom.cloud, you agree to the collection, use, disclosure and retention of your personal information (including personal images) by Net Support in accordance with its Privacy Policy, available at Privacy - NetSupport Canada (netsupport-canada.com) and classroom.cloud - Privacy.  Questions regarding the collection of your personal information may be directed to: Ace Acumen Academy, 131 Brunel Road, Mississauga, ON, Canada, L4Z 1X3

Faculty resources: in a separate document

WiFi: During your examination period you are required to connect to the WiFi Network specified by your instructor.

Link to the executable file the student should download to install the software.

When is a student ready to use the invigilation software?

You are ready to join the virtual invigilation classroom when you have completed the following steps:

  1. Download the executable file, run the file and install it. This should take about 2 minutes.
  2. Get your device licensed and registered. You need to contact the academic team to complete this step.