St. Clair College Holds First Toronto Convocation Sessions


On Wednesday October 19th, St. Clair College held its first “in person” convocation sessions in Toronto celebrating the graduates of the campuses of Ace Acumen Academy.

President France, members of the Board of Governors, College administration joined Ace Acumen Academy Principal John Wu along with his administration and faculty for three convocation sessions that was held at the Meridian Arts Centre in North York.

There were over 1,000 graduates who crossed the stage in the same convocation format which the College followed in the fall Windsor and Chatham graduations during the week of October 3rd.

Since 2015, the graduates of the Ace Acumen Academy would travel by bus and car to cross the stage with other St. Clair College students in both Windsor and Chatham for fall and spring convocations.  The students, their families and friends certainly welcomed the opportunity to enjoy their graduations at a Toronto facility.