Virtual Workshop Series


Our virtual workshop series has started with great success!  On Friday October 9th, 2020 at 10:30 AM EST, Ace Acumen Academy hosted the first synchronous virtual workshop of the Fall semester. Our goal was to create an accessible learning environment for students, whether in Canada or abroad, where they receive additional student support to help them succeed in their post-secondary education.

In our first workshop, our advisors, Rodrigo and Larry educated students of the topics of Getting and Using E-resources, Professional Emails, and Work Standards.

A successful attendance was achieved with over 60 students registered and present for the event. To ensure student participation, the event was promoted on Acumen’s Instagram page and personal invitations were sent to student’s college emails explaining the process of registration, the date and time and the subject matter.

The virtual workshops are one of the ways Acumen is adapting to the reality of online education. Future workshops will be developed using the feedback and input of participating students. We endeavor to continue to elevate students’ success through new and innovative ways of learning.

Staff at Ace Acumen hope that attendees found value in the experience, having learned something new to support their professional development, and getting some of their questions answered.

Our next workshop will be coming up at the end of this month, stay tuned to your emails and the Acumen Instagram page for details.  Please follow Ace Acumen’s Instagram page to get updates on future workshop, virtual events/activities and other important news. Find the link to Ace Acumen’s Instagram page below and click on the blue ‘Follow’ button:

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