Thanksgiving Message to Staff and Students


Dear Staff and Students:

On behalf of the Principal and Board of Directors, we are now in the third week back on campus for the Fall semester and, while we have established strong safety protocols that we expect everyone to follow, we are concerned that there has been some non-compliance. It is imperative that everyone abide by the rules and follow ALL of the established protocols, which were instituted for the health and safety of the entire College family and with our community in mind. Failure to comply with the protocols will be dealt with under the requirements of the College’s Health and Safety Policy and/or the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday approaching, please be respectful of the public health requirements for the safety of the community as outlined by our Premier (

As a critical reminder, masks are mandatory indoors in all common areas, labs, shops and classrooms. If you are outside, you must either maintain a 2 meter distance from everyone else or wear your mask. There are no exceptions.

Note: As a reminder, you can find all St Clair College safety protocols and procedures outlined on the College website, at Ace Acumen is modeling and has implemented safety protocols in-line with St Clair College.

We all have a stake in keeping our community safe. If you are ill, stay home. Students must inform their faculty and staff must inform their manager if absent. The screening tool cannot be used as a method of communicating your absence.

Students, please be aware that the College will accommodate your absence and help you catch up if classes are missed due to illness. We are here to support you through this situation.

Thank you for doing your part to keep our campus safe. We wish you all a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend.