Team Building Activity March Break

During the week of March 12 – 16, 2018 when the students of St. Clair College @ Acumen were enjoying their March Break, the staff of each department joined various activities organized by their Directors. These activities were held in order to strengthening employee relations and build the teamwork within the company.

The Student Services department decided to attend a painting class at the Apollo School of Art, where the team was guided by a professional instructor to paint a beautiful piece of art selected by the participants. This was a place to let everyone’s imagination and creativity to come alive and to have the experience to work as a team in the different environment. After the paintings were complete, everyone went to enjoy lunch at one of the traditional Chinese restaurants.

The Academic department went for the afternoon tea to a local place called T-Buds. This unique activity provided a great way for everyone to connect on an informal personal level while sharing a cup of tea with desserts. The warm atmosphere allowed the staff members to share their stories and plans for the future and to get to know each other on a deeper level.

Finally, the Admission and Facilities department went to World Bowl for an afternoon of bowling. It was a very effective way for all the staff to get to know each other as the department has been recently restructured. The activity was very entertaining as everyone got a chance to cheer on and support each other.

The team building activities always take an integral part of Ace Acumen Academy’s culture as they bring staff together outside of their workplace and help to make stronger relationships, which is incredibly important for any healthy organization.

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