Principal’s Lunch


Student feedback is one of the most important foundations in the operations of any schools day to day functions. Each semester we here at St. Clair College @ Ace Acumen Toronto hold a principals lunch meeting where class representatives from each group of students in each program get the opportunity to sit and voice their concerns and appreciations to our principals, directors and managers. This year we had 16 class representatives represent the entire student body at our school. Students voiced appreciations about the excellence of staff and learning that occurs daily, explaining that they feel like each day they learn something new. They also explained to Principal John Wu, directors Max Fan and Mathew Qaqish some of their concerns inside and outside of the classrooms. Rest assured, the appreciations and concerns were heard loud and clear and the team at Ace Acumen will do everything they can to ensure these needs are met.

Students and staff then enjoyed a nice lunch with each other. Director Mathew Qaqish then announced to the class representatives that the student holiday party will be taking place on December 7 th , 2018. Also at this holiday party, 20 students from across the student body will be awarded scholarships for their outstanding abilities as students; scholarships for academic excellence, excellence in leadership and also 2 prestigious Principal Awards awarded to two students who excel both in academics and in leading.

Our students truly are bright and shining stars that are ready to shine bright in Canada for the foreseeable future! We can’t wait for the next principal’s lunch.