CN tower and Ripley’s’ Aquarium Trip


On February 08th, 2019, the CN tower and Ripley’s’ Aquarium trip was held for new and current students. The trip was sponsored by St. Clair College in coordination with St. Clair College Ace Acumen Toronto. The SRC president Holly Nicholson had purchased the tickets for the trip.

The trip had started with Ripley’s’ Aquarium at 11:00 AM in the morning where students and staff spent their time until 1:00 PM. All students had enjoyed a lot and experienced their first time in Canada’s Ripley’s Aquarium.

Later the same day at 2:00 PM students went to visit CN tower, which was another new experience for all students to reach the clouds in Toronto. Students had an outstanding experience as they never visited any high standing tower structure before. They had also newly experienced walking on the glass and looked down from 1400 ft up.

The trip was finished at 4:00 PM and all students of St. Clair College @ Acumen have reached home safely. As like before St. Clair College will continue future activity again with some other exciting trip