Niagara Falls Trip


On April 5th 2018 St. Clair College @ Ace Acumen Academy organized its annual trip for the students to Niagara Falls. For the majority of students this was the first time visiting the magnificent world’s natural wonder and experiencing fascination of the Falls! Besides the Niagara Falls, the students also got a chance to enjoy different attractions, restaurants, entertainment and even do a little bit of shopping – in order to hide from the cold weather conditions. After this trip the students said that they would definitely come back there in the summer when they can spend more time by the water and possibly see the rainbow above the Falls. On the way back to Toronto, the students did not waste their time on the bus and instead were singing out loud, playing games and spending time to get to know each other, which made this trip very successful as the students spent a lot of time making new friends and experiencing the Canadian culture!