Badminton Tournament


On April 12, 2018 St. Clair College @ Ace Acumen had its first Badminton Tournament at a local community center.

Total Students Registered Online : 69
Students Took Part in Trials:  40
Students Selected After Trials:  25
There were two categories of Players – Beginners & Proficients. The match fixtures were finalized as below:
Beginners’ (Singles)
Proficients’ (Mixed Doubles)
After very interesting and tough competitions, the following were the finalized results: 

Beginners (Singles):   

Parth Sharma (C1D)  – Runner Up
Suraj Singh (C2A) – Winner

Proficients (Mixed Doubles): 

Vaneet Sharma (C4A) & Kiljit Garha (C2A)  – Runners Up

Manjot Kaur (C1A) & Kuljit Singh Garha (C2A) –  Winners

This time we were happy to have two State Players of India in the tournament, 
Vaneet Sharma (Computer Networking program, 4th semester)  
Manjot Kaur ( Computer Networking program, 1st semester)

All players, volunteers, match referees, organizers, winners, runners up and graphic designer were awarded with the certificates, however winners and runners up were awarded with gift cards for encouragement.