Virtual Orientation of Fall 2020 Semester


Welcome to St. Clair College @ Acumen
Virtual Orientation of Fall 2020 Semester

Virtual Orientation is designed to help you get a head start on your academic year. We strongly encourage you to review all the following videos so you can be well prepared for your first week of classes.

General Information of Fall 2020 Semester
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, St. Clair College @ Acumen will be offering all classes during the Fall 2020 Semester in an online format.
● The new Fall semester start date is September 21, 2020;
● At this time, the semester will continue to run for 13 weeks;
● The semester-end date will be Friday, December 18, 2020.

Virtual Orientation

In any other circumstance, the college would have expected all international students who received their visa Stage 1 Approval before September 15, 2020, to follow the steps of the virtual orientation before the semester started. The virtual orientation of the Fall 2020 Semester will be shown to you through videos. The following videos will allow the students to get to know the programs, to understand the college policies and to meet the campuses’ staff.

To complete the registration, watch each video in its entirety, and copy the video code to the following form, Video Code Request Form

Orientation Video Agenda  Playlist link

1   Meet the President of St. Clair College

2   Welcome Address from St. Clair College @ Acumen Principal John Wu

 Staff Introduction

4   Academic and Classroom Policies

5   Online Learning Guideline Videos

5a   How to join google classroom

5b   How to submit assignments on google classroom

5c   How to submit an assignment on Google Classroom using Mobile Devices

6   Student Services

7   My St. Clair SIS (MySIS) Account Guideline

8   Meet the President of SRC! Student Representative Council from Windsor

9   Online Learning | Students Sharing Their Experience

St. Clair College @ Acumen Contact Information
Acumen Board / V.P, Marketing:
If you have not received your My St. Clair SIS (MySIS) account activation information, or are having trouble logging in, contact the IT Help Desk at