The Principal Lunch


The Principals Lunch with Class Representatives has been a tradition at Acumen continuing this year on February 15, 2017, just after Valentine’s day where students share all their concerns along with the school management, heads of departments such as Students Services and Academic Services and their peers to work and plan activities, improve class schedules and breaks and so forth. Principal John Wu discussed the involvement of Class Representatives in important tasks such as maintaining a positive student livelihood during their studies and ensuring a harmonized environment between study and free time on campus. Students also took interest in assisting staff with keeping watch for student behaviour and student welfare on campus. The ‘Principals lunch’ gave both students and staff a chance to get to know each other and to ensure a collective effort in the future to ensure a happy and successful student experience during their time here at St. Clair College @ Ace Acumen.

Points Discussed:

  • Activities on campus
  • An active participation of all students on campus in activities
  • Snacks on campus – Contacting Food Companies – Help from the class reps to serve students
  • Sanitisation
  • Fresher’s party
  • Work permit – Applying Always Online
  • Garbage campaign – Spring 2018
  • Proper use of classrooms/watch for student behavior