Spring 2018 Orientation


On May 4th 2018 St. Clair College @ Acumen held its Spring Orientation for the new students that are just beginning their learning journey at the College. A good start is the pillar of success and therefore, St. Clair College @ Acumen ensures that students receive great opportunity to get in-depth knowledge about college policies and activities on the day of the orientation. Students also got a chance to meet with Ron Seguin – Vice President, International Relations, Training & Campus Development from St. Clair College who made a great introduction about students’ experience and set right expectations about their future studies in Canada.

Various guest speakers also took part in the orientation where they provided very useful information to the students about their insurance plan, fitness memberships, banking, as well as student council and functionalities of different departments at the college. St. Clair College @ Acumen wishes its new students successful future in Canada and is always open to assist them with any difficulties they may face during their learning path!