Safety Awareness by Toronto Police

Safety in a foreign country may seem like common sense- or is it? Here are some of the key takeaways from Officer Xin and Officer Mann, who are members of the Toronto police who visited our campus this week. Here are some of the highlights of their presentation.


Be aware of the Rules! 

In Canada, there are rules that we share similar to the rules in China and India. For example, we should respect one another’s property. However, the list of things that are acceptable in China and India do not correspond with the list of things that are acceptable in Canada. For example, in China, it is acceptable to practice martial arts with the use of nunchucks. But in Canada, nunchucks are considered as dangerous- and the possession of it is strictly prohibited. Thus, one should not show negligence in a foreign country.


Stay Protected wherever you are!

Regardless of where you are, you should never go somewhere that is dangerous. If you can prevent yourself from being a victim in the first place, you can avoid a whole set of future problems. For instance, do not travel alone in a dark alley at night. Or do not get intoxicated at a bar where others can take advantage of you. 


Safety should always be first on your priority list at all times- anything can happen at any time. It is the Toronto Police’s job to protect you, and it is your responsibility to assist the Toronto Police! If you feel danger or feel unsafe at any point, feel free to contact any of our staff. In case of emergencies, always know 911 is there to protect you!