Staff and Student Communication

COVID Safety Protocols – (March 14, 2022)

In response to the recent announcement by the Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health, St. Clair College at Ace Acumen will continue with the mask mandate, as per the current policy, until the end of the Winter 2022 Semester. The expected mask mandate end date is May 1, 2022. The safety of all students and staff is our top priority and this mandate is one step to help to ensure successful completion of the semester.

Additionally, effective March 21, 2022, St. Clair College at Ace Acumen will move from active to passive screening. This means that the daily questionnaire will not need to be formally completed through the SIS or OPN system. The College believes that everyone understands the symptoms of COVID-19 and the requirement to stay home if ill. The close contact/household contact self-isolation requirements have been updated by the province and we will post them on our COVID-19 webpage today. Public Health websites should be consulted for guidance.

 We thank all staff and students for their resilience, patience and compliance with the pandemic safety requirements throughout this pandemic and ask for a little more patience as we close out this semester.

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