Housing Accommodations

St Clair College at Ace Acumen Academy is happy to provide support to students who need assistance in finding living accommodation lease options before making a final decision on where to live while studying. The request form can be filled out by new students before they arrive in Canada or current students who are in Canada and may want to see what other options are available for them. Learn more HERE.

St Clair College at Ace Acumen Academy will provide students with a list of leases available on the MLS listings. Students are responsible to contact the listing agent and follow all appropriate leasing procedures and requirements to secure the lease. Students are solely responsible to stay up to date with agreed upon payments and any requirements in the lease agreement between the landlord and the student. If a student wishes to share the leased space with another student, this must be discussed with the landlord before any lease agreement is made to avoid potential future complications in the fulfillment of the lease agreement details. St Clair College at Ace Acumen Academy is not responsible for any part of the lease agreement or any payments.

There are many off campus housing options in the GTA. View additional Housing and Accommodation information below.